International Accommodation Centre for up to 70 people
Youth Cafe PDF

Coolnagreina has exciting plans to turn one of our old houses (the former 'manhouse' facing Trafalgar Road) into a youth cafe.

Download our Youth Cafe Update PDF here


If you would like more details, a walk through the house, or if you would like to contribute to the fund, please use the PayPal Donate link below on this page, or call Jonathan Ellis (Coolnagreina's director) on +353 1 287 4221 to talk through further.

Coolnagreina is part of the YWCA of Ireland (registered charity number 20006204) and has served the community since 1893 with an ethos founded on the desire to share the Christian faith. If you are an EU citizen and would like to contribute, please use the PayPal Donate link below on this page. If you are a US citizen, you can contribute through Taylor University, Indiana in which case donations may be tax-deductible for individuals and corporations filing and paying taxes in the USA, to the extent allowable by law. Donations in the US should be marked YWCA Youth Cafe and sent to Taylor marked for the attention of Laura key in Donor Services.

(We are using the PayPal Secure Online Donation facility whereby you can donate using your credit card or PayPal account.)

If the youth cafe project does not proceed forwhatever reason, monies will be retained by YWCA and used to advance its main charitable objective (details available on request).